Book Review: Adrian Magson The Watchman

The Watchman: A Marc Portman Thriller - Adrian Magson

The Watchman is the first novel in the Marc Portman series by author Adrian Magson.  Marc Portman is a shadow, a close protection expert he officially doesn't exist and doesn't belong to any agency.  He is hired by MI6 to protect a negotiator heading to Somalia in order to conduct negotiations for the release of UN hostages held by pirates in a black op.  But as the negotiators arrive he and his MI6 handlers realise that negotiation is not something the Somali's have in mind.


With this novel Adrian Magson creates a great action hero..  Marc Portman is technically a mercenary but is a mercenary with a conscience and won't work for terrorists.  He came to MI6's radar because he helped rescue a businessman while in Columbia without being asked.  Read the full review here