Book Review: Susanna Gregory Death of A Scholar (Matthew Bartholomew #20)

Death of a Scholar: The Twentieth Chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew (Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew) - Susanna Gregory

Death of A Scholar is the 20th novel in the Matthew Bartholomew series by author Susanna Gregory.  in 1358 Matthew Bartholomew returns to Cambridge to help his sister mourn the death of her husband.  But he is soon distracted by a spate of burglaries in the town and the creation of a new foundation, Winwick Hall, which threatens the old colleges.  A storm is brewing between the colleges and when one leading member of the Guild is murdered Matthew assists Brother Michael into investigation these fatalities.


A historical novel set in the 1300's in Cambridge, England this novel is really Inspector Morse meets Cadfael.  Read the full review here