Book Review Max Allen Collins The Wrong Quarry (Quarry Series #11)

The Wrong Quarry - Max Allan Collins

The Wrong Quarry is the 11th novel in the Quarry series by Max Allen Collins.  After taking out the broker who organises the contract killings and stealing his notebook of jobs Quarry heads out to help the potential victims rid themselves of the hitmen and those who hired the hit.  His next potential client is Roger Vale a dance instructor who has had a hit because he was a suspect in a girl's disappearance.  After taking out the hitman Quarry tries to find out who hired the contract but finds himself investigating the cold case with surprising results


This is a written in a hard boiled fashion but I actually didn't think it was done that well.  It is not as hard boiled as I thought it would be but is still an easy great read. Read the full review here.