Book Review: Elly Griffiths The Janus Stone (Ruth Galloway #2)

The Janus Stone (Ruth Galloway Mysteries) - Elly Griffiths

The Janus Stone is the second  in the Ruth Galloway series by author Elly Griffiths. Ruth and the University are on a dig in Norwich at a suspected Medieval churchyard prior to some building works taking place on the site.  While excavating a body of a six year old girl turns up.  As usual DCI Nelson is called in.  The site used to be a former Catholic children's school where two children went missing during the 1970's.  DCI Nelson begins to investigate uncovering child deaths and Ruth's life put in danger.

I am really not sure about this book.  I enjoyed the first novel and although history based novels have become increasingly popular, Elly Griffiths attempt to bring in history seems rather far fetched.

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