Book Review: Michael J McCann The Rainy Day Killer (Donaghue and Stainer #4)

The Rainy Day Killer - Michael J. McCann
The Rainy Day Killer is the fourth novel in the Donaghue and Stainer series by author MJ McCann.  The mutilated body of a young woman is found half submerged in water.  Initially thought to be just an isolated killing the police quickly identify that the crime has been committed by a serial killer who has been given the nickname 'The Rainy Day Killer'.  The case sends Donaghue and Stainer on the trail of a sadist who will threaten Stainer directly. 


Although this is written by a Canadian the book is set in the States and follows a US police force working with the FBI.  The plot is a typical serial killer type book with nothing particularly new in the plot. 

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