Book Review: Christopher Fowler The Invisible Code (Bryant and May #10)

The Invisible Code: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery (Bryant & May, #10) - Christopher Fowler

The Invisible Code is the tenth novel in the Bryant and May series by author Christoper Fowler.  Bryant and May of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are hired by Bryant's arch nemesis Oskar Kasavian, a high ranking Home Office Security Chief, to investigate the cause of his wife's sudden and unexpected breakdown, she having attacked the wive's of other high ranking officials during an official dinner.  At the same time, Bryant is convinced that the death of a young woman in a London Church for which there are no obvious clues has more to it than meets the eye.  Their investigation will lead them into a world where outsiders are not welcome and uncover the secret codes of a closed London society.

This book has some quite topical themes in it and Fowler exposes these in a way that is unexpected and puts a different spin on thingsRead the full review here